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Charity Registration No: 1085861   

Cumbria Family Support

Making a difference for children and families since 1993

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  Charity Registration No: 1085861    Registered in England No: 4151545                                                                                                                      


The Office,

Mardale Road,


CA11 9EH                  Tel: 01768 593102


Carlisle West Children`s Centre,

Wigton Road,


CA2 6JP                      Tel: 01228 227348


C/o CFS Carlisle Office

Carlisle West Children`s Centre

Wigton Road, Carlisle,

CA2 6JP                     Tel: 07927 559446

CFS News

“The Family Star”

Staff at Cumbria Family Support have been participating in “The Outcomes Star” training delivered across the County.

The Outcomes Star is a versatile tool that can be used  for supporting and measuring change in a variety of context.  

We are really pleased to  introduce such a well recognised measuring tool to our monitoring systems and look forward to the positive changes this will create for both our charity and the children and families we support.

NCS in the West!

This summer we were invited to participate in the NCS student programme delivered by Inspira.

The scheme brings young people together from across the region to explore new challenges, friendships and  social development. Volunteering is a key part of the programme as Students must develop a Social Action Project in their local community.


We were so pleased that CFS was chosen by a group of  Students from Workington for their social action project. Their contribution helped to raise awareness of our charity locally and online ,and encouraged new volunteers to join our network of support for families in the area.

To find out more about our volunteering opportunities in Workington, contact Val on: 07927559446

Best Buddies  Fun:

We were so pleased to welcome our new group of “Best Buddies” this month. Gail, Liz and our Social Work Student Petra have lots of fun activities planned over the coming weeks to help the children develop new friendships and have fun learning about safety and resilience.  

Each week, Staff prepare a range of crafts and activities all based around developing positive friendships and a better understanding of emotions and feelings. So far the children have enjoyed ball games, art, craft and  decorating biscuits for a friend.

“Cumbria Family Support”

Over the last year we have been expanding the reach of our support outside of Carlisle and Eden.

 Since 1993 we have been supporting children and families based in East Cumbria. Following the successful launch of our Workington Pilot Project last year, we will now be providing support for families in other areas across the County.

In October we officially changed the name of our charity to Cumbria Family Support, to reflect this significant change in the delivery of our services.

The development of our charity will take an organic approach, working alongside existing  providers and partners in other areas to support children and families and in their homes and communities across the County.